Getting your Cultivator’s Licence? Order a Greenhouse from us today.

Ganjagram is pleased to start offering technology driven greenhouse solutions for every sized pocket.

Growing medical cannabis requires working in a controlled, sterile environment. For the first time, we are offering growers the option to setup such a facility while sticking to a reasonable budget. Beyond this, our greenhouse solutions can be equipped with sensors and software to help to automate as much of the growing and monitoring process as possible. All our equipment has been specifically designed to work in the conditions of a developing country like Jamaica.

We construct affordable modern greenhouses and install automated drip irrigation kits for small holder farmers by using locally available materials and solar powered sensors.

Our Services:

SOIL TESTS Test your soils before planting for mineral content and pathological analysis.

AGRONOMIC SUPPORT Plant high value seeds and receive expert agronomic care with e-reports

PRE-SITE SURVEY Get a professional technician visit your farm and determine suitability.

DRIP IRRIGATION Farm all year round with high quality affordable drip irrigation kits.

GREENHOUSE CONSTRUCTION Construct affordable modern greenhouses.

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY Optimise operations and production in your farm with solar powered sensors

Please see the variety of products we offer below:

Popular Greenhouse

Shade Nets

Starter Greenhouse

Experienced Grower Greenhouse

Granny Greenhouse

Metallic Greenhouses

Drip Irrigation

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