The best marijuana of 1977

Today, take a few extra minutes to reflect on a theme we enjoy discussing these days: What is "bush" weed anyway?

If we glance back a few years at what top ganja used to look like, we can tell that a lot has changed in terms of consumer expectations and presentation over the past couple decades.

One kinda starts to wonder more about what the ganja of the 1960's in Jamaica was genuinely like that community elders are now nostalgic about. The image below shows the Top 40 marijuana strains according to High Times in 1977(40 years ago).

"The High Times Top 40 is the Fortune 500 of dope."

Back in 1977, buds were not cured to the same standard of curing that was used today. These images above also show that "drop leaves" were left on the flowers, i.e. they were not "trimmed".

As seen in the image above, the current standard of curing and presentation produces a more lime green color with denser, larger, and more carefully manicured buds.

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