The Full Has Never Been Told

The ganja plant has been used in Jamaica as medicine for generations. The "discovery" of medical uses of the plant in the press recently, feels a bit like the stories we are given of Columbus "discovering" this island, when the truth is, he came here and saw people on it already.

Most Jamaicans' first introduction to the plant is as a medicine first, typically recommended and administrated by a loving grandmother.

The following video raises some good points about the commercialization of this plant in the US. What is called "medical marijuana" in the US, is actually the commercialization of stronger and stronger THC products. There are clear ways Jamaica can differentiate our products on the market by focusing on our competitive advantage in creating natural medicine and nutraceuticals. Our ganja is naturally high in CBD, "where almost all of the medicinal properties[of the plant are]".

In fact, ganja is just one of many many medicinal plants we have on the island in abundance. The following exchange on twitter between Culture Doctor and Jah9 helps to highlight the fact that most people in Jamaica are unaware of all the healing power we have access to at our fingertips.

Moringa is freely available all over Jamaica and is known as a natural treatment for Diabetes(a lifestyle disease).

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