The Sharing Economy and Community Tourism

One of my most enriching travel experiences involved economic living standard discussions/comparisons over coffee in a tiny kitchen with my French and Colombian Airbnb hosts in Geneva. I am sold (S-O-L-D) on the sharing economy and its ability to augment a travel experience.

The sharing economy is the decentralizing of industries monopolized by traditional players via the internet mediated connectivity and algorithm assisted decision-making. In the hospitality sector, the decentralization is occurring as industry studies are showing that tourists are looking for more authentic experiences with local engagement. Unsurprisingly, Airbnb has now opened up a portal for trips (not available in Jamaica at the time of writing) to facilitate user hosted excursions in the same way that locals play hosts in their homes. Is the sharing economy what Jamaica has been yearning to re-energize community tourism?

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Grace Lindo is an Intellectual Property and Commercial attorney-at-law.